Becoming a conscious shopper.

The days are finally closing in, where we will present ‘Serenity’. Serenity is a name that literally sums up who the FCC women is. This exclusive range will consist of clothing items that are meant for our conscious Queens. Fashion Conscious Collective is a brand that stands for being a conscious shopper through and through and it’s possible by shopping from our exclusive range which will be launching on the 1st of September 2020.

We also have a community of talented women working behind the scenes, to help create these pieces. Building a community at FCC is always at the forefront of all passion projects that we have. Women have been marginalized for decades and we are slowly seeing progress in the number of women who are taking up spaces in high places and even starting spaces of their own.

Being a conscious shopper doesn’t only apply to a certain group only but really, we can all do better. All items from this particular range will be made from 100% cotton from AFRICA. This is most definitely a first for us and possibly for our FCC tribe. Cotton made in Africa, serves not only as a sustainable element but also acts as a support system to the farmers and community members who help in cultivation.

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Being a conscious shopper shouldn’t be a hassle, its truly in the little details that you might miss and how exactly you can turn it around for a greater good.

Till next FCC tribe.

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