The Thrift Journey

Thrift shopping is the best way to find some old gems and even some new gems too. Its all about shopping your style and also switching it up once in a while. The common misconception around thrifting is that it’s most popular for clothing but that not the case. It’s most definitely a journey worth venturing into.

Thrift shopping has become the saving grace to an almost disastrous fast fashion industry. But we are seeing more and more brands jump onto the sustainable band wagon, and we aren’t complaining!

Whether you are shopping for clothes, sneakers or casual items like plates or bags. Thrifting has become the new norm for many shoppers out there. There is a thrill of buying items that you love for a lesser cost and we believe that is why it has become so popular today.

It has become more of a lifestyle and once an avid thrifter you fit perfectly into the various subcultures that represent pre-loved clothing.

Fashion Conscious Collective has a collection specifically for thrift lovers, ranging from blazers, to lifestyle items and homeware products, we have got our tribe covered for everything.

Items are carefully chosen to fit our market and also appeal to those who are newbies within this thrifting world. We have a variety of interesting and fun items for you, that we want you all to explore and purchase for yourself.

Happy Thrifting!

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