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marketplace south africa


You would probably want to know the inspiration behind the fashion conscious collective!

Living sustainable is garned to be difficult or expensive, and it truly doesn’t have to be. All it needs is creativity and informative information of certain topics.

FCC is a brand that that aims at supporting and embracing women led startups and also encouraging a different way of shopping. We had a quick chit chat with Elle Cooper who is the founder and creative director of The Fashion Conscious Collective marketplace.

This blog post will outline the various elements and ideas around the start of FCC and the new developments surrounding the brand.

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What was the inspiration behind starting FCC?

“My inspiration behind Fashion Conscious Collective came from my passion to help people and empowering women through their businesses.

Having embarked my own sustainability journey, this has further encouraged me on educating myself on the subject. I realized how crucial my buying decisions impacted the environment, it was from then that I decided to take a huge step and advocate with people who share the same knowledge on the subject.

Therefore, my aim is to create an opportunity for startups and small businesses that have introduced sustainability and conscious living in their business models to sell their products in our marketplace at a fair pricing strategy.

Furthermore, I aim to provide our customers with the opportunity to shop their values .Which could range by, supporting items that are made by women in South Africa, or products that are eco-friendly and consciously made.

Ultimately, I would like this platform to became a community- a community of collaborators and contributors which will serve as a safespace for those who would love to know more on being an environmentally friendly citizen.

With the official launch around the corner, we hope and believe that the excitement is building and our community is ready to go all out and support us. We are ultimately stronger together.

Love, Elle”

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