Conscious Lifestyle Collective a community online marketplace where you can shop, sell and learn about eco-friendly products and living.


We collaborate and do business with small business owners that build with people and the environment in mind. These businesses have the desire to make the world a better place by offering sustainable solutions, through products and services.

Our environmental beliefs:

We believe in slow living

We believe in climate change.

We believe in zero waste.

We believe in avoiding toxic chemicals.


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At Conscious Lifestyle Collective our supplier chain methods are as follows: (1) We work with small businesses that share the same values as us. (2) We source and thrift second hand goods. (3) We manufacture our own goods in small batches while ensuring quality & longevity.

Our Economic Beliefs:
We believe in secondhand good

We believe in empower the youth of South Africa

We believe in giving-back & supporting charitable organisations

We believe that less is more.

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With one of the biggest unemployment rate in South Africa, we want to ensure that everyone who is part of our businesses directly or indirectly is paid fairly and works in a safe environment. We ask for open communication and transparency between us and our partners.

Our Social Beliefs:

We believe in fair wages and transparency

We believe in supporting local, small businesses and artisanal production

We believe in slow fashion and secondhand goods

We believe in empowering our staff and providing work experience to unemployed youth

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Our Founder

Ellen Matshidiso Cooper

Before Conscious Lifestyle Collective, I founded a non-profit-organisation called Fashion Outreach with the aim of using fashion as a tool to helping people in need.

After 3 years of Fashion Outreach, I needed a more long term, sustainable approach of creating an impact.

I learned about social entrepreneurship through my Business Degree and at the same time I had embarked on a conscious living journey.

This propelled me to start an online eco-friendly marketplace that is community centered and open to those who want to shop, sell and learn about eco-friendly products and lifestyle. 

I hope that you can stay and become part of my journey.

We are committed to using natural materials and ingredients with in our Beauty, Fashion, Home Decor and Lifestyle. Our vendors do their best in starting or running their business with the environment in mind.

As apart of our way to promote a slow living lifestyle, we source and upcycle secondhand goods in Fashion, Lifestyle and Home decor. This eliminates waste and reduce the environmental impact of producing new items.

Our vendors and us appreciate local businesses thus where possible we produce, source our goods locally and use our businesses to uplift our direct communities.We ensure people that work for us are paid fair wages and work in safe environments.

We are open to collaborating with like-minded businesses or individuals, where together we can continue educating our people in South Africa and those around the world.

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