what is sustainble fashion

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

what is sustainble fashion

Sustainable fashion refers to clothes that have been made where all elements of the production, manufacturing and distribution have been considered and how those individual processes might affect the environment.

Sustainable fashion often gets confused with ethical fashion and whilst they share similar principles they’re not the same thing. Ethical fashion specifically focuses on workers rights and social welfare not necessarily related to the environment.

A brands main aim when creating a sustainable fashion line is to create items that have minimal impact on the planet.

As an example our Smile t shirts are made from locally collected and recycled plastic water bottles which are then blended with high quality cotton. As an added ‘eco bonus’ our hang tags are also full of wildflower seeds so you can plant it and help your local bee population.

For consumers it means being conscious about what you buy, why you are buying it and where you buy it from. Before buying a new item, always ask yourself first “Do I really need this?” Buying less is always the best option when it comes to sustainable living. Remember to do your research before you buy to ensure the company or brand follows good environmental practices and procedures.

Buying clothing made from local sourced materials is a must. Like our Lopepe Cotton button down dress which is made from cotton sourced in Africa and adorned with locally sourced gold vintage buttons.

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Buy Less, Choose Well and MAKE IT LAST!

“Buy less, choose well and make it last” are words stated by iconic British fashion designer and environmentalist, Vivienne Westwood. Westwood said this powerful statement

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