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Sustainable Fashion Using Recycled Plastic

We are pleased to welcome SIMPLE, a proudly South African and creator of Recycled Plastic T-shirts Brand. The minimalist trendy t-shirts are made from locally collected and recycled plastic water bottles, blended with high quality cotton. Something extra *special* your hang tag is loaded with wild flower seeds, plant you tag and save the local bee population. Studies show that every piece of plastic ever made still exists today. Most plastics are not biodegradable and sadly millions of animals are killed by plastics every year, from birds to fish to other marine organisms. No doubt we have got to STOP USING PLASTIC! According to National Geographic, “8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations. That’s the equivalent of setting five garbage bags full of trash on every foot of coastline around the world.” 91 Percent of plastic isn’t recycled and more and more fashion companies are transforming plastic waste into – clothes and accessories.

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