How to become a seller on conscious lifestyle collective

How to become a seller on our marketplace​

Apply online

Go to: Click 'apply online' to start your application.


After carefully reading the instructions and guidelines, complete your application and await confirmation. ​


Once your application is approved, you will receive a welcome e-mail, pay your monthly application fee of R115 (incl vat) and begin creating your online shop. ​

What you can sell

Conscious Lifestyle Collective
Conscious Fashion – Preloved/ New, Made in SA, Ethical, Handmade, Inclusive & affordable, low waste
Conscious Beauty –  Eco-friendly, Zerowaste, Natural Ingredients, Resuable packaging, Sourced responsibly
Conscious Lifestyle  – Selcare products i.e. Books, Candles, Journals, Fitness, Gardening, Zerowaste

Conscious Homeware – Preloved, Handmade, New, Zerowaste, Sourced responsibly

Benefits offered

Safe, Secure & low payment options. ​

We’ve made our services affordable and secure for our sellers (refer to slide 7 for more info).

We maintain the website so you can focus on running your business.


Expert advice on Branding and shop design.

You will get a free consultation surrounding your branding, social media pages and website (if you have one).

Affordable online shop

It is easy and affordable to setup your online shop with us. Perfect for anyone just starting out or wants to be a part of out growing community.

Support and Community ​

We are passionate about empowering and building a strong community. Reach out to us for advice or help you need.

Other Services

Online store setup

If lack the time to setup your shop, leave it to us.

We will upload 8 products, write SEO friendly descriptions and titles.

R350 (incl vat)

Social media styling

To create a social media theme and styling

Cost: R600

Logo Design

Don’t have a logo? Basic logo design and colours on Canva R250

(T&C apply)

Complete Branding Design

R2,000 offered by www.ellecooper.co

Content Strategy

A detailed and well researched content strategy including market  and competitor research.

Cost: R1,500 or

Collaboration between you and us: R750


  • Online shop design and 8 product listing = R100 (excl vat) + 10% commission to us per item sold

    (You can list a maximum of 8 products, to list 8 more it’s a R100 extra per month)

  • 5 Product Listing without online shop = 10% commission to us per sold item

   (ideal for an already existing online shop or if you just want to expand your reach)

  • Payfast Payment processing = R10

  (if a customer uses payfast to buy from you)

  • Direct Bank Transfer = Free

  (if a customer pays you using direct bank transfer)

  • Withdrawals every 15 days = Free
  • We will accept payment on your behalf and pay you every 15 days when you make a sale.

Total summary cost: R115 pm (incl vat) and 10% commission only when a product is sold


1.How much do I have to pay?

You will pay R100 pm (excl vat), no contract. Try us for one month and then decide.

  1. Who can I contact if I need assistance?

E-mail us at support@consciouslifestylecollective.com

Whatsapp: 082 967 6168

  1. What if I don’t sell anything, do I get my money back?

This is a joined effort, you need to use your shop link to direct people to your shop. We will do our best to advertise and seek opportunities for you too. No, you will not get your monthly fee back.

  1. What can I sell?

Please refer to slide 3


  1. I have a suggestion for your team

Great! We love feedback and suggestions.

Write to us: hello@consciouslifestylecollective.com

  1. How often will my business be promoted?

Every week on Instagram, Facebook feed and stories. You will be included in our newsletter and have an opportunity to guest blog and be a guest on our IG TV LIVE. We are also always on a lookout for collaboration opportunities for our sellers; but always remember it’s a joined effort.

For any further questions contact us via our support email: support@consciouslifestylecollective.com or whatsapp: 082 967 6138

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