Hey Community,
If you’ve wanted to begin your ZERO WASTE lifestyle and didn’t know where to even begin! I think we’ve all been there, so much information, the do’s and don’ts can be overwhelming. Lucky for you we’ve partnered with NATURAL LIFE to bring you a ZERO WASTE KITCHEN STARTER KIT.

What's in the box?

Starter Kit including Free delivery
1 Bamboo Bottle Brush
1 Bamboo Scrubbing Brush
1 Bamboo Palm Cleaning Brush
3 Organic cotton Grocery bags (Small, Medium and Large)
1 Bamboo Straw travel set (2 reusable straws and a straw brush cleaning)
1 Hemp Dish Cloth
1 Hemp and Jute Scrubbie

All for R500 including dellivery

Now that’s a bargain!

coconut fibre bristle


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