Sustainability Suggestion Letter

Hey Community,

As part of our 21ECOACTIONS campaign, we implore you to provide feedback to your favourite places that you shop or dine at!

Feedback is a key ingredient for the growth and success of any business or organisation. Suggestion letters not only bring forward information which may be useful to the improvement of a product or service, they encourage stronger relationships between businesses/organisations and those that support them and benefit from them. 

Here is a Quick guide by Bea Johnson, Keep your letter short and concise, your words tactful and courteous, and your content diplomatic and hopeful. Write a letter you would like to receive.”


  1. Start with gratitude: State your appreciation for the company i.e. affordability, efficiency or availability of their products or services.
  2. Show understanding of the current practice employed.
  3. Address the problem.
  4. Propose up to three constructive solutions
  5. Support your solutions with working examples: how other companies have addressed the problem effectively.
  6. Mention how the change would benefit your addressee, focusing on financial profit.
  7. Gracefully conclude with a positive note. 


We have written Four letters and scenarios for you to edit and use.

To download your suggestion letters, simply enter your details below.

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