Resuable gift wrapping

An eco-friendly way to wrapping up your Christmas presents this holiday season. Wrapping paper is beautiful, but after it gets crumpled up and thrown in our bins, it sadly can’t be recycled after single use. If you want to avoid waste but still have beautifully wrapped presents under you tree. Try our zerowaste gift wrapping fabric.  Known as furoshiki, it’s a Japanese wrapping cloth used to cover gifts or other goods.

 We have 4 colours available for you, in 47cm * 47cm or request for a specific size. The colours are Red and white strips, Beige and white strips, Green and Mustard.

To begin, place the item in the middle of the fabric on a diagonal. Then, fold the top and bottom corners over the object and tie the other two corners in a knot. At that point, you can tuck them underneath what you just tied, or leave the corners to hang free. For full instructions, visit our instagram page

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