smal businesses south africa

Eco-friendly Female Owned Businesses On Conscious Lifestyle Collective

smal businesses south africa


Skincare by AMAZI Beauty was born out of the idea of helping women take care of themselves both internally and externally, Amazi Beauty aims to change the world of skincare by being 100% women-owned and led. As the beauty market is set to continue growing, co-founders Divya Visant & Sekela Mgcotyelwa and the Amazi Beauty team are going over and beyond to bring women an affordable & locally sourced skincare range that will provide visible results. Ingredients include baobab oil, marula oil, rooibos and other natural plant-based sources. Amazi Beauty is also creating spaces for women to earn & grow by reinvesting in marginalized women through educating them about the beauty business in order for them to be self-employed or own a beauty franchise one day.


Give Her Hope is an organization that is more than soap making, it’s about uplifting an entire community of women. Meet Sharon Faduku, After learning how to make soap at Sunshade, a Salt River support group for women, she went on to become the Senior Artisan at Give Her Hope soaps. She believes that soap is a basic necessity, especially for women. It gives them dignity and hope, which is so nicely baked into their organization name. Now they also upskill other women in the artisanal skill of hand made soap making in Cape Town. Give Her Hope soaps are made from cruelty-free, natural ingredients and their packaging is also environmentally friendly so that they can play their part in keeping the planet plastic-free.


Zikhona Tefu solved her own supply chain problem by finding a way to get high quality shea butter and becoming a local wholesaler to her own company, now she is making it possible for any South African woman to build a beauty business by being a reliable supplier of high quality natural ingredients


Behind the Earth Tree Soap company is another phenomenal woman, Stephanie; maker of a 100% natural dishwashing and laundry washing block designed to be the perfect replacement for dishwashing liquid. Not only does the dishwashing liquid have chemicals that we are not completely certain about but it is also packaged in plastic containers. Earth Soap Tree is much better for the environment and it’s made from coconut oil and lavender and it is long lasting.

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Gorgeous crochet dresses made in Zimbabwe by designer Faino John who was taught by her mother and is passionate about crochet. She started her business in 2009 and works with 15 elderly women, the business helps them with food and taking care of their children. They all enjoy crocheting and working from the comfort of their homes. The material used is 100% cotton.


Conscious Lifestyle Collective selection of thrift fashion items are chosen as a sustainable option which lessens the environmental impact of manufacturing new items. Our team go around Cape Town and online to source Timeless, Unique and Good Quality pieces. Where necessary we mend, Wash and Iron before shipping products. We believe in making fashion affordable for everyone.

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"The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don't." Founded by Micaela from Bits and Bobs, whose love for organising spaces inspired her to start a business that will help you declutter and organise better. Storage containers made of Glass, Bamboo lids and Silicone seal.

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Pot and Dish Bamboo Brushes by Natural Life Have you thought about how many sponges you use and discard per year? Start your conscious lifestyle journey with these Natural Life plastic Free Bamboo Brushes. This is the ultimate zero waste choice for your household. To start off with, you can replace your toothbrushes and current sponge with our Bamboo Brushes Bath and Kitchen set. The brushes are made of bamboo, which is known as a natural material that is not easy to break. It also has good benefits for the planet as it helps to prevent soil erosion. As you know, Tracey and her team are passionate about finding alternatives for materials that would damage our ocean life. Before you reach for a plastic toothbrush or another sponge, try the pot and dish bamboo brush! Shop Natural Life

Bamboo Dish Brush with Natural Sisal Bristles

Hessian bags

Shopping Bags by Love picking out fresh produce weekly? At Conscious, we have a plastic-free option to carry your fresh picks while you hop around at your local market. It’s a multi-use produce bag made of hessian material and a cotton tie made of 100% cotton. Our founder, Elle Cooper, started her journey 5 years ago about making more conscious choices to protect the environment and other people. Her early years into the conscious lifestyle is documented in “The Conscious Lifestyle Guide” and its purpose is to educate anyone about the zero waste lifestyle so that we can do more as consumers to protect the environment.

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