Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts

It is that time of the year when we get to shower or be showered with Christmas gifts. This year let us help you gift with sustainability in mind, whilst supporting small businesses. Take it a step further by telling your family how to choose conscious gifts for you.


A few questions to think about when searching for a sustainable gift:

Who made it? Where was it made? How was it made? What is it made from? How long will it last? How does it need to be discarded? i.e. can it be recycled, it is composable etc. Will the person I’m buying it for like it or would they prefer something similar?

We take the guessing game out off the equation by providing you with thoughtful products that are sourced locally from small business owners.

Our Conscious Kitchen box supports 5 local businesses namely: Natural Life Bamboo Brushes, Earth Soap Tree, Conscious Lifestyle Collective Shopping bag and our Packaging is sourced from  2 local suppliers.


When you shop around for gifts, be the judge of the company which you’re purchasing from. What environmental efforts are they making? What packaging do they use? Do they offset their carbon footprint?

From us at CLC we will use biodegradable materials such as paper, boxes, reusable ribbon and plantable Thank cards. We plan to offset our carbon footprint through Credible Carbon; a platform that allows for individuals and businesses to buy credits and donate them to various projects that help reduce waste, recycle, create jobs and alleviate poverty.

If you’re planning to order online, don’t leave things till last minute and try ordering from fewer stores as much as possible. We will deliver your parcels on the 10th of December to avoid delays and to lessen our carbon footprint.

Our Conscious beauty box supports 10 local businesses:

Natural Life Toothbrush, Earthly Toothpaste, Amazi Beauty Hydrating Face Serum, Cape of Storms Deodorant, Olive Soaps, Isivuno Naturals Shea Butter, Conscious Lifestyle Shopping, Cotton bag and Plantable Thank You cards. Packaging supplied by local businesses.



To avoid getting another pair of socks and pajamas for Christmas, let your family know what to get you. Do you want to avoid getting cards? Educate them on the reasons.

Going shopping? Don’t forget your shopping bag and your water bottle.

Read the item care instructions, this can help gauge how long the item will last. Additionally, learn about the return policy of what you’re buying, so the receiver can easily return if necessary.

Forget wrapping paper, choose reusable cloth, shopping bags or even a a piece of clothing that can double as a gift, like a t-shirt:).

Want to learn more about how you can get started in living a zero–waste lifestyle?

Get your copy of The Conscious Lifestyle Ebook, learn to tackle waste in areas of Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Home Decor.

We hope this was helpful.

Happy Holidays Community, Thank you for everything!




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